TextAloud Version 3.030 Free trial

Convert text to audio with human-sounding voice using one of the most popular text-to-speech programs

In simple words, the program reads your text aloud. This shareware program utilizes voice synthesis to produce spoken audio. The application interface is plain and uncomplicated. You can make audio files for listening on iPhones, iPods, CD players, and other portable devices. The program also has automatic iTunes synchronizing. TextAloud supports Acapela BrightSpeech or Nuance, Elan and ATT Natural Voices. There is a “speak” button in the main window that you can press after entering your text. Moreover, there is an option for title editing along with voice, speed, pitch, and volume adjustments. Switch mode from single to multi-article is available and your article can be saved as a text document or audio file. In addition, copy, paste, undo, redo, and other functions are also available for usage. The change of voice is possible as well as pause placing. You can add bookmarks and many other functions of editing are allowed. Program options can be configured as new texts can be spoken automatically, and pause intervals can be set after certain sentence or a part of the text.
Text to speech software have many usages, and the benefits are that you are able to listen to your emails or other important page while you are out and do not have time for reading. It also supports other portable files, like an mp3 player. The program provides understandable help file and you will be given every-day tips. Beginners and experienced individuals can easily use TextAloud, as it is simple but effective.
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